Finest & Freshest

Every day, our chefs prepare the finest king mackerel, seafood, herbs, vegetables and other ingredients we can source, these are lovingly placed on display allowing guests to chose directly the freshest ingredients to enhance their order. Regional flavours, inventive and delicious combinations, the freshest herbs and the most aromatic spices give this classic traditional food a new twist of life.

Exciting & Healthy

We have taken the classic hawker dish and elevated it to new levels, presented in iconic bowls with the bountiful ingredients piled on-top of the noodles swimming in nourishing steaming broth. From classic Teochew style with freshly sliced king mackerel, preserved vegetables and spinach to Thai inspired Tom Yam, fried king mackerel, squid balls and tofu to Japanese influenced miso, mixed seafood of fresh and fried fish, prawns, scallops and seaweed, with the ability to add items or create your own from scratch you can have your fish soup any way you want it.

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